best free website templates - OnPointRadio - is a Radio station aimed at the youth of Nkangala district and neighboring districts. Founded in 2010, OnPointRadio is committed to providing Nkangala District with access to the powerful medium of Radio as a tool to promote human rights, social justice and Youth development.
We believe that access to information and the ability to communicate are fundamental human rights in the information age. A Radio station will ensures that all citizens have access to the information and communication channels necessary to exercise their civic rights and responsibilities, to share political, cultural, artistic, spiritual, and individual expression, and to promote a culture of human rights.
 OnPointRadio has a powerful role to play in community cultural development as a means of enabling alternatives to the cultural values imposed on communities by top-down and commercially driven forms of media. OnPointRadio is committed to engaging a wide range of Mzansi's perspectives, especially those of groups that have historically been marginalized; to build a sense of National purpose, to promote healing and tolerance and encourage communication across barriers of race, culture, physical ability, language, class, gender, age, and sexual orientation.
The station provides opportunities for volunteers and interns who have radio production skills to hone and develop their abilities in the exciting field of radio production. It also provides opportunities for NGOs, community organisations, educational institutions, sports groups and government to produce programming in partnership with the station in order to inform, entertain and educate the people of Mzansi.